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Data Processing.

Kalidas365 provides comprehensive data processing services at cost-effective rates. Our skilled Data Entry operators key in raw data of any form to present it in visual, tabular or textual format in form of useful information.

Our domain expertise in managing data extraction, data capture, and Data Entry projects with guaranteed accuracy and fast turnaround time, meets all your business requirements.

So now go ahead and obtain new customers, generate revenue, enhance your current customer communications, and enrich brand equity, by partnering with us and taking advantage of our thorough experience in data management.

Data Processing Service Offerings:

Data Entry

Surveys, Document archiving, Property documentations, Orders, Invoices entry, & many more…name it and we will provide accurate services across time zones.

Data Conversion

We offer hard copies, PDF, image to text, data migration / mapping, HTML, XML conversion/validation & much more…quick, accurate & offered at competitive rates.

Forms & Check Processing

Customized and at affordable rates with speedy delivery and high quality, irrespective of complexity and project size.

Data Formatting and Cleansing

Comprehensive solutions that encompass de-duping, data filtering, grouping, formatting & validation for effective data representation, management & analysis.